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Kids ( 12 or younger)

MAM Club Members
Monday-Friday $5.00
Saturday/Sunday $10.00



Kids (12 or younger)

Friday $10.00
Saturday/Sunday $10.00


Open Track   Tech Cards  
MAM Fast Fridays Membership

The MAM Fast Fridays is open to the public it is available every Friday from the beginning of April until the end of October.
Run Groups will be determined with attendance.

Orientation Program


$120.00 Gate Fee
$100.00 for Members.

$175.00 (one-time fee)
This includes a 1 hour classroom and the rest of the day with an instructor. Orientation is once a month and pre-registration is requested to reserve instructors.
Please check out the web site calendar for class availability.

Friday Street
Saturday Bracket

Saturday Shootout
Saturday HotWheelz

Buybacks $20 all

Super Pro, Pro, Sport, Trophy/TNT, JR
Box, No Box, Trophy/TNT, JR
Box, No Box, Trophy/TNt, JR

Friday TnT      
See MAM Fast Fridays Information Private TNT available Special event pricing applies