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The orientation at Mid America Motorplex is an informal, friendly, open way to get you acquainted with the track, each other and introduce you to the world of track driving.

There is a logical and predetermined sequence of exercises that each step relies upon to enhance your driving experience here at MAM. There may be things you already know and there will be many you don't. Be patient and considerate as others may not be at your level.

Passing this track orientation successfully will entitle you to a "MAM Certification" which will be designated by the instructor signing you off as a solo driver.

The session in the orientation room will take about one hour discussing the start, each corner, passing, pit in, pit out, and the overall facility. Questions are encouraged. Do not be embarrassed to ask anything, there are no "dumb questions" and please don't assume you know the answers simply because you know how to drive your car on the street. This is a new environment for everyone and you should feel comfortable about all its aspects.

The manual must be read and understood in its entirety by all participants before they will be allowed to drive on course.

There are two goals you are required to ALWAYS keep in mind:


More information is located within the Orientation Manual.