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Rolling Thunder Shootout Series

Vehicles must meet all NHRA safety requirements.
All types of automobiles and motorcycles are welcome to participate.

Classes will be broken down according to participants and may include, but are not limited to:
  • Box (Electronics)
  • No-Box (Non-Electronics)
  • Trophy
  • 1st round $20 each
Each class must have a minimum of 6 vehicles to qualify as a Shootout Class.

If fewer than 6 vehicles are registered in any category by the driver’s meeting, all in that category will enter the Trophy Class. More classes can be
added as the season progresses and car counts rise in any new category. Shootouts are designed to include as many car and bike styles as possible.
You do not have to be an NHRA ET Bracket racer to participate.

Purse Pay-Outs:
  • WINNER in each class will win a cash prize of $300.00 (excludes Trophy Class)
  • RUNNER-UP in each class will win a cash prize of $100.00 (excludes Trophy Class)
  • WINNER in Trophy class will win a trophy

Rain-out/Inclement weather policy:

Racers :
If you have made a pass down the track TNT or Competition – Sorry - no refunds
Purses will be paid based on the last completed round of competition and the race will be considered complete.

Rainouts occurring before competition rounds will result in the tech cards being held for the following week, and the race being re-run on
the next Saturday race day. If you do not participate in the next week’s race – sorry – no refunds.

If your car is broken and you have you have not gone through the water box or down the track – a Gift Certificate will be issued for the
amount of the tech card.

Remaining racers after second round of competition will be mailed a check if rain occurs during event.

- Sorry - no refunds

Schedule for Shootout Events

3pm gates open
4pm track goes hot for TNT
6:30 Clean-up round/drivers meeting at 7:00 pm
7:00 pm RACING

Minors must have their parents' or legal guardians approval to participate. Minor waivers are to be signed by both parents, (or legal guardian) and notarized. Waivers may also be signed at the track, in person with a track official, by parents (guardian) with appropriate identification. Waivers must read "ALL EVENTS 2006 at MAM" (on the top line) to be considered 'kept on file', all others are only valid for the date presented to track officials.