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Sreet Racing Requirements

Liquid Overflow Catch-can mandatory for coolant overflow; one-pint (16-ounce) minimum capacity.
Brakes Four-wheel OEM-style brake system mandatory .
Steering Each car in competition must have sufficient positive front-end alignment to ensure proper handling of car at all speeds .
Suspension All cars must have a full suspension system of the type produced by an automobile manufacturer (i.e. springs, torsion bars, etc.). Lightening of stock
components prohibited. Rigid mounted suspensions prohibited.
Wheels Must be automotive-type wheels suitable for street use.
Body Must have full top and windshield as produced by OEM manufacturer. All full-bodied cars must have two driver exits. Both doors must be functional from
inside and outside on all full-bodied cars. Four stock-production fenders mandatory, body kits permitted.
Firewall Mandatory, as produced by OEM manufacturer. Firewall may not be altered in any manner.
Hood Mandatory.
Seats Properly braced, framed, and supported OEM-style seats mandatory.
Windshield, Windows Mandatory, as produced by OEM manufacturer only. Must be in good condition and free of cracks. Windshield/window tint must meet the
applicable state requirements. Windows must be closed during races; need not be operable. Decals permitted on rear quarter and rear window only. Competition-number decals are permitted on any window or windshield.
Batteries Batteries must be securely mounted in stock OEM location only.
Ignition OEM-designed ignition system permitted.
Headlights, Taillights All lights must be operational.
Computer Computers installed on stock vehicles by the new-vehicle manufacturers for the proper operation of such vehicles are permitted. OEM electronic fuel injection permitted.
Fire-extinguisher system Permitted; must be securely mounted.
Credentials Driver must have a valid unrestricted state- or government-issued driver's license, with no underage driving restrictions (i.e. supervised, provisional, etc.).
Driver Restraint System Seat belt mandatory in all cars as produced by OEM manufacturer. Aftermarket driver-restraint systems with higher rating than OEM permitted.
Helmet Drivers in all 13.99 (8.59 eighth-mile) or quicker cars must wear a helmet meeting Snell 90, 95, K98, 2000 or SFI 31.1A, 31.2A, 41.1A, or 41.2A Specs.
Protective Clothing All drivers are required

Minors (participants under the age of 18) must have their parents’ or legal guardians approval to participate. Minor waivers are to be signed by both parents, (or legal guardian) and notarized. Waivers may also be signed at the track, in person with a track official, by parents (guardian) with appropriate identification. Waivers must read “ALL EVENTS 2007 at MAM” (on the top line) to be considered ‘kept on file’, all others are only valid for the date presented to track officials.

These rules apply to all NHRA Sanctioned Street Legal Drag Competitions. However, as long as NHRA Technical Inspection is passed by a vehicle,
all cars and motorcycles are welcome to participate in Friday Night Street Racing during non-competitive racing. Competitive Street Legal Drags will be
offered as a short portion of the racing program during any given event.

Gates open at 6:00 pm
Track goes hot at 7:00pm until 12:00am

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